Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Painting - Old College Paintings

A selection of old paintings I did in college for my diploma.

Sonya was also a student at The Heatherleys School of Fine Art in Chelsea. She owns the trendy 'GLOSS' shop on the Kings Rd.

Dede was a model in the college. She used to be a dancer for Basment Jaxx for like, 4 years!

Andrew was my classmate. He was a banker taking a break from banking and flying to 2 countries in one day. It's not easy being a banker: it is very stressful.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Kami TV series Intro

A montage I did for the TV series 'KAMI' on 8TV (MAL). Meet Uncle Hussain did the awesome soundtrack! Thanx to the fabulous Fabian Joseph, Lina Tan, Meet Uncle Hussain, Tasik & Rodney (Fuseasia) and all the sexy people at Red Comm; u know who u r ;)

Aman Sulukule_Çoskun segment

This is a segment from a video that was made with Artist Wong Hoy Cheong for the 10th Istanbul Biennial Art Exhibition. 'Aman Sulukule, Canim Sulukule', which means 'Oh Sulukule, Darling Sulukule', a term used by the Roma people of Sulukule, Istanbul; to describe their love for their land. This video art documentary was filmed by the children of Sulukule in Istanbul over 5 weeks in August & September through workshops and the full length is 14 mins long. I was animator, editor and facilitator for this project. Unlimited thanx to Wong Hoy Cheong, Damla Tamer (the other facilitator), Ceren Erdem (assistant curator), Ho Hanru (head curator) & all the residents of Sulukule for this unique opportunity.

The Rest of Sulukule

Here are a selection of other pictures of Sulukule children...

Many buildings in Istanbul were named after people. I didn't know the names of these 2 boys.

Children run while the clothe's colours don't.

I was too scared to look into this kid's eyes so I took a photo when he looked away.

Bayram (left) wants to be an Architect and Çoskun (right) wants to fly away on his magic kite.

In this hole in a wall lies a video arcade with Street Fighter II machines.

The children's school basket ball court in Fatih.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Photography - Sulukule Kids 2

In reality, you often doubt it as real, but rather judge it as an experience or a certain moment. This is also great, because you can look back and witness at how amazing that experience was and how much you've learned and gained from such simple, unbounded and creative expression that some people have in their lives. Below are some pictures of the children if Sulukule hanging out, amazing style!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Photography - Sulukule Kids

Photography - Sulukule Kids

The Sulukule suburb, located next to a Roman fort is right next to Fatih, the supposed most conservative of all districts in the bustling city of Istanbul. Sulukule is also a stone's throw away from the uber trendy Beyoglu district; and are facing possible eviction to make way for development to house the increasing number of middle class moving closer to the city centre near the Bosphorus river to find work. Turkey's economic boom is slow, but the cultural climb is rapid; the progressive new generation is gelled with the old, and one would mistake Istanbul for a trendy European city rather than an Islamic state. Despite the all the assumptions, Turks are proud and progressive; moving forward while not forgetting their past.
Essentially gypsys, the leaders of the Sulukule tribe are fighting authorities everyday, and the most at risk from displacement are it's children. For the 10th International Istanbul Biennial, artist Wong Hoy Cheong is doing a workshop project with the Sulukule children for his video work entitled 'Aman Sulukule, Canim Sulukule' (Oh Suluke, Darling Sulukule), which is named after a gypsy song. I am assisting him on his project whilst learning to see; unclouded through the eyes of a bunch of optimistic children O=O. Here are some pics of the kids ;)

Football, as you would expect; is the mother of all games in Sulukule. Here's Mohamad doing a bicycle kick.

Some kids watching a game.

These kids love Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and Jet Li. This is their rendition of choreographed martial arts.

Çoskun showing off his biceps yah.

Henna tattoos from a wedding.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Photography - The Rise of The Mask

A series of underwater and above water photographs I did for The Annexe Gallery @ Central Market for the sho 'Sharing Spaces'.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Photography - Selendang Series

Aya, this is the only digital pic I have from this series. I'll upload the whole series soon so in the mean time you can stare at the one. It's funny how we see items of fabric. We attach spiritual and cultural stigmas to fabrics and items of clothings which was probably not even made in the same country in the first place. Do we wear the clothes or do they wear us out?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Video - Meet Uncle Hussain MTV

Howdy! How's it going? I now uploadeth a video I did for the very talented Meet Uncle Hussain. Their album is produced by the perfectionist: Mr. Tasik! This is their myspace! Thanx to Lina @ Red Comunicaitons for producing and the Fabulous Fabian Joseph who also produced and help direct. This is Red Communications' websight. Last but not least Mr. Rodney @ Fuseasia. This is Fuse's sight...Arr... hail me heighties! This beith a song for u! Thats what 'lagu untukmu' means! Enjoi ;)=

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Video - Nokia I.G. Collective

IG Collective's "Jiwang" music video - directed by moi; for the Garage Music Video Project, as part of Nokia Nseries presents Fortnight 2006 : A Junk Music Project. The ladies are the beautiful and talented ladies of talent form the city of KL. Don't touch that gal!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Video - Raw

Raw pepperoni stuffed down my throat. It's about excess. Honest.

Video - Kami

Kami means 'God' in Japanese. Kami means 'we' in Malay. Kami is also a type of Japanese origami paper. A short film about origami and relationships. The actress is the beautiful Juliana Yassin (a performance artist for Singapore!) and the dood is Zuhair Zainal, a model/entrepreneur. FOLD!

Video - It's Ok What's Happening Right Now

A film I made with a couple o' Canadian artists: Tessa Whetherill and Kajin Goh. It won 1st place at the Malaysian Video Awards 2005 experimental Amateur. OOOOO... The film's about the inner workings of what goes on in the middle of the night in suburb Damansara Jaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Essentially it's about living the suburban dream with lots of nothing to do. This is Kajin's Blog. Enjoi ;)


A 'kind of a film' I made from staring a the clouds for way too long...Animated to Billie Holiday's 'NIGHT AND DAY'.