Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Photography - Selendang Series

Aya, this is the only digital pic I have from this series. I'll upload the whole series soon so in the mean time you can stare at the one. It's funny how we see items of fabric. We attach spiritual and cultural stigmas to fabrics and items of clothings which was probably not even made in the same country in the first place. Do we wear the clothes or do they wear us out?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Video - Meet Uncle Hussain MTV

Howdy! How's it going? I now uploadeth a video I did for the very talented Meet Uncle Hussain. Their album is produced by the perfectionist: Mr. Tasik! This is their myspace! Thanx to Lina @ Red Comunicaitons for producing and the Fabulous Fabian Joseph who also produced and help direct. This is Red Communications' websight. Last but not least Mr. Rodney @ Fuseasia. This is Fuse's sight...Arr... hail me heighties! This beith a song for u! Thats what 'lagu untukmu' means! Enjoi ;)=