Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Painting - Old College Paintings

A selection of old paintings I did in college for my diploma.

Sonya was also a student at The Heatherleys School of Fine Art in Chelsea. She owns the trendy 'GLOSS' shop on the Kings Rd.

Dede was a model in the college. She used to be a dancer for Basment Jaxx for like, 4 years!

Andrew was my classmate. He was a banker taking a break from banking and flying to 2 countries in one day. It's not easy being a banker: it is very stressful.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Kami TV series Intro

A montage I did for the TV series 'KAMI' on 8TV (MAL). Meet Uncle Hussain did the awesome soundtrack! Thanx to the fabulous Fabian Joseph, Lina Tan, Meet Uncle Hussain, Tasik & Rodney (Fuseasia) and all the sexy people at Red Comm; u know who u r ;)

Aman Sulukule_Çoskun segment

This is a segment from a video that was made with Artist Wong Hoy Cheong for the 10th Istanbul Biennial Art Exhibition. 'Aman Sulukule, Canim Sulukule', which means 'Oh Sulukule, Darling Sulukule', a term used by the Roma people of Sulukule, Istanbul; to describe their love for their land. This video art documentary was filmed by the children of Sulukule in Istanbul over 5 weeks in August & September through workshops and the full length is 14 mins long. I was animator, editor and facilitator for this project. Unlimited thanx to Wong Hoy Cheong, Damla Tamer (the other facilitator), Ceren Erdem (assistant curator), Ho Hanru (head curator) & all the residents of Sulukule for this unique opportunity.

The Rest of Sulukule

Here are a selection of other pictures of Sulukule children...

Many buildings in Istanbul were named after people. I didn't know the names of these 2 boys.

Children run while the clothe's colours don't.

I was too scared to look into this kid's eyes so I took a photo when he looked away.

Bayram (left) wants to be an Architect and Çoskun (right) wants to fly away on his magic kite.

In this hole in a wall lies a video arcade with Street Fighter II machines.

The children's school basket ball court in Fatih.